Paul Simpson

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An amazing producer with a definite trademark sound in the 80s that emphasized slightly punchy/percussive basslines. Serious Intention – “You Don’t Know” is probably the most well known “classic” of his, but by no means was this his only stellar piece of work. His dub treatments are insane and these 12″s can be found typically in the $1 bin and most definitely under $10 at the record shop or EBay. I can’t even imagine what these jams FELT like in clubs on all the great big rooms and systems of the 1980s. A few favorites:

Washington City Paper Best of 2009 Voting

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I was a critics’ pick last year as Deepest House DJ for 2008, but have my sights on the big prize for 2009. Help your boy out and let’s keep it DEEP!

90s Male Vocal Cuts

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I’m not even gonna front like I haven’t been on a huge 90s house kick in the past few months. Some of the male vocal tracks from this period are exceptional. Here are three cuts I have all copped on vinyl recently and have been playing out, especially during the early hours of the evening when I want to start taking things in the house direction:

Loda with Runaway (DFA/Rekids) on Friday

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Pretty Stoked for this! I shared a bill with Jacques Renault (half of Runaway) this summer at Loda and he played a pretty great set (and not to mention he sticks to vinyl as well). This Friday should be a ton of fun as these guys have been having huge success with “Brookyln Club Jam” and have put out some other great stuff as well. Come hang dudes, I’ll be playing all vinyl as well and have tons of great cuts I can’t wait to play. Launches…

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This has been a project of mine for quite some time. After many hiccups, delays, procrastinating, etc., I am pleased that I have finally got this thing launched (and will continue to improve it in the coming weeks).

The site will serve several purposes:

1) Give me a portal for me to share music I am feeling, a soapbox for me to shoot off my mouth
2) To keep folks updated on all my parties (such as Hometown Heroes and Disco City), as well as any other D.C. or out of town bookings
3) To host new mixes, edits, productions and party photos that I am involved with (under MEDIA section)
4) Allow people to get in touch with me directly and put me in check on the comments sections when I say something whack.

I hope you will enjoy coming back to the site as much as I will to keep updating it.

Also big thanks to website designer Alex Pines for helping we get all this shit together. I highly recommend him if you need any work done!

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