Serious History in This

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Forget the fact that this track is a legendary 1980s classic. The video itself is important for its depiction of the electrofunk scene in Queens in the 1980s. Arthur Baker is the dude delivering the reel to reel tape. Jellybean Benitez is the DJ in the booth. The club shown is the notorious FUNHOUSE. What I would do for one of those killer Funhouse Disco satin jackets the security guards are wearing when they let New Order into the club. But who am I kidding, some Euro or Japanese nerd would probably pay several hundred dollars for those kind of tight threads.

Party Bros. – OooBayBay

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Party Bros.

My boy Gavin (Nouveau Riche and CU Next Tuesday) and I have been working on some tracks and this is our first original production that we have put out in public. We are trying to make well-crafted dance music that plays on fun vibes.

You can check out our first joint at our myspace here.

We will be making a totally killer music video directed by Pablo Maurer (Mopedlords) in the coming weeks for this release!

Memorial Day Weekend Mix for WEAA 88.9 FM

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Busted out this quick little mix for my friends Henry Da Man and everyone at the Audio Infusion on Saturday nights on 88.9 FM WEAA Morgan State Radio (Baltimore). It will be airing tonight sometime after midnight.



1) Kriss Coleman – Shine
2) Vick Lavender feat. R.J. Green – Afterparty For Two (Vick Lavender’s Original Main Pass)
3) Yaminah- 7 Days (Pirahnahead Remix).wav
4) Rasmus Faber feat._Emily McEwan – Never Figure Out (Stimming Remix)
5) Roland Clark and Jihad Muhammad – All Kinds of People
6) Abicah Soul – Makossa
7) David Tort – Acid (Lost In Acid Ausfahrt Mix)
8) Onur Ozer – Eclipse (Loco Dice Remix)
9) Boddhi Satva & Abel Tabu – Moina Ya Mokili (Original Mix)
10) Chantal Curtis – Get Another Love
11) Elton John – Are You Ready For Love (Ashley Beedle Re-Edit)

Josephine on Thursday

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Memorial Day Weekend!

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Party House

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Stoked for this!!!! We did this for the opening awhilllle back. Ready for the second time around…

party house II

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