Disco City this weekend with STEVE SUMMERS (welcome back) and MONDO of Future Times

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Mr. V + Diplo Madness

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Not only did Mr. V DESTROY a packed Trinidad and Tobago Clubhouse this past weekend, we had a very special surprise guest drop in late night to throw down a short set. Check Fitsum’s photos here

Phase II – Mystery

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Blaze is know for a distinct soulful sound that has been released under their own name and numerous monikers, but the cuts put out under the Phase II alias are easily in my top 5 favorite Blaze cuts. This amazing early house gem maintains a haunting vibe I don’t think I have heard in any of the other work that Josh and Kevin have produced. Big Kick, Huge Piano, and a killer hook make this record as relevant today on any blazing dancefloor as it was 20+ years ago.

I actually got this off the amazing Blaze – Prologue double pack on Ibadan a few years ago. Go buy that shit!

Deep Sugar this weekend!

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Big Weekend!

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