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quentin harris @ tnt 7/31!!

ELM, Chris Burns and Kevin Lance Murray present AFTERHOURS w/ QUENTIN HARRIS
Friday, July 31st

Main Room:

Quentin Harris (Strictly Rhythm, Kiss My Black Ass, NYC)
Chris Burns (Disco City, Hometown Heroes, DC)
live PA from KOFFEE performing her new Quentin Harris hit “Paradise”

Will Eastman (Blisspop)
Nacey (Nouveau Riche)
Harry Hotter (Coolout)
James Nasty (Baltimore)

Trinidad and Tobago Association
5123 Georgia Ave. NW
$10 before Midnight

vincent floyd – i dream you

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Not your typical Dance Mania track. The title connotes a wistfulness manifested in the music. Buy it here.


Serious Intention – Serious (Dub)

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I have no shame for my love of Paul Simpson’s work in the 1980s. The production value on hisĀ  projects are in my mind, are near perfect for those big killer systems. This a dope dub. Snatch his records up, they usually can be found in EBay for $12 or less. He also has some stuff up on traxsource.

confused edit – bright sea

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Direct Download

Check out this slammer of an edit by my man Jason Letkiewicz aka Steve Summers aka Rhythm Based Lovers. Ride the rhythm and get locked into a groove that mimics the motion of the ocean and its ceaselessly undulating waves.


Eddy Grant – Symphony for Michael

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Eddy Grant


Eddy Grant is known for a ton of amazing club-ready productions, but there are several little sleepers that he also put out through his early 1980s reign. This one is a melancholic synth workout that seems perfect for creepy/lurker nights and Halloween.

Odori – Number One

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odori - number one

Direct Download

Very bizarre early 90s techno record that rips off the horn/sax line from Lil Louis’ conversation. Could probably use an edit but I like the drawn-out deep feel of this cut. This record is on the “Outer Limits” label that was distributed interestingly enough by Quark.

Powell-Peralta: Future Primitive

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Spent the entire night at home watching these when I should have been doing something more productive. I love the cosmic weirdo instrumentals that are interspersed throughout the video, though the shitty california rockabilly is a bummer. Homeboy has some other rad 80s skate vids on his account too. These are all broken into different parts so check them out.

New York Community Choir – Express Yourself (Chris Burns Re-Edit)

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Direct Download

I really love the original (especially the long drum break), but felt it could be tightened up and might benefit from an extended intro and an added punch in the more energetic/intense part. I whipped this up pretty quickly so its still a bit raw, but nevertheless it went over well when I played it at the Paradox in Baltimore last month. Enjoy!

Frank Zappa – Dancin Fool Edit

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I recently copped this 12″ and decided to fool around with making an edit of it. There are so many bad parts in the original, but I loved the main groove that it takes on. Not sure if I am totally happy with it or not, but the folks at Dollar Bin Jams decided it was good enough to put on blast so enjoy!

Frank Zappa – Dancin Fool Edit (320 kbps)

Mediafire YSI

Serious Heaters!!!!

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