DARKROOM – A new monthly w/ me + Future Times!

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A new monthly party on First Friday w/ me and the Future Times Records crew @ Selam. The name foreshadows the vibe and atomosphere of this party. DARK and moody! This actually goes till about 2:30.

Kevin Yost vs. Peter Funk – Puzzle People

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Buying records and starting to take DJing seriously while in college in upstate NY from 2001-2005 was somewhat of a trying process. I was too far from any legitimate clubs to hear/know what was really killing it, and my ear was still in the process of being trained to what was good and what would make people move. I had no mentors so everything was trial and error. Every two weeks I would order records through Satellite Records in NYC, which during that period was the first solid online retailer where you could hear audio clips of the records you wanted to buy.

Not many records I bought then have survived in my collection because about 80 percent of what I thought was good was actually pretty bad. However, this record did survive and is still one of my favorites. A great little groover with a killer loop breakdown.

Party Bros. – “OooBayBay” music video

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Many of yall know that I have a little side production project team with Nouveau Riche homie Gavin Holland. Basically we try to make friendly, accessible house music that is based in our love for classic dance music and sounds (but with a modern twist).

Anyways, we spent almost half of the summer prepping, planning, shooting, producing and finally releasing our music video for our first production, “OooBayBay.” Big ups to Patrick Longstreth for directing this along with his work buds who lent a helping hand (yall know who you are)!

Fonda Rae – Livin’ in Ecstacy (Groove Mix)

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Easily one of my favorite vocal tracks to come out in the late 1990s. The copy I scooped was a test pressing and had some surface noise on it, but was still loud, punchy and very clear. Oh man this record gives me goosebumps!!!!

Camouflage – Pompeji

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This record is one of the best ever for clearing a floor or getting stragglers out of the club at the end of the night when you are trying to close up shop. I liken it to an Art of Noise record gone really really wrong and sour (but in a kinda good way). SOOOOO DEEEEEEEP.

Party Bros. Video Premiere party!

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Party Bros. Video Premiere Party!

Wired – To The Beat of the Drum (On the Burn Mix)

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Copped this up at A1 in New York. This was released on Underworld, which put out a lot of early NY proto-house/house records and without looking at the label its pretty easy to discern from the sound that Tommy Musto had a hand in this project. Although I have somewhat of a distaste for freestyle, I like this record because it falls somewhere between that NYC based-genre and hard-hitting early Chicago househouse. I wonder if this was a big record for Jellybean Benitez at the Funhouse.

update: I saw on Discogs that this track basically was a ripoff of Willesden Dodgers – “Gunsmoke Breakout”

Fuckin’ partyyyinnnn

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We threw this together last minute for Friday night since our boy Ron Morelli is coming down to DJ the BYT pool party on Saturday as well.

Myself, Beautiful Swimmers, Steve Summers, CROB, and Ron will all be playing the wildest cuts at Selam. Strictly vinyl, strictly for the freaks.


Selam is @ 1524 U ST. NW Washington, DC

B.B.B. & Q. Band – “Dreamer”

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I have probably heard Maxmillion Dunbar play this record at Disco City literally dozens of times. He actually pulled this for me from the dollar bin. Excellent midtempo cut for those romantic bass driven mooooooooooodz.

Spring – No Time For Crying

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This is a great and somewhat difficult-to-find 90s vocal house record that was on my wishlist for a while before I found it recently while out digging records. It was recently repressed on the phenomenal Joey Negro “Back in the Box” compilation LP on NRK (which is also worth getting for Joey’s amazing re-edit of the classic Danny Tenaglia production of Daphne’s “When U Love Someone”).

Solid tune, so go buy it!

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