Jonnie Baby – Special Things (Guitar Version)

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A rare Elektra white label slow jam promo 12″ that was dangerously close to being thrown in the dollar bin. Instead, we get this incredibly greased up slow motion 80s RnB cut….


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Handling this month’s edition solo style. Looking forward to share all the amazing records I’ve been picking up this past month!

DJ Cole Medina – Love Don’t Love ME

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A very fine piece of bootleg house. Super deep with a top class vocal!

Grace Under Pressure – Make My Day (Dubb)

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Before Roger Sanchez started playing big room laser houser music, he was one of the top deep house producers in the early 90s and had a very sublime approach to his projects (see Michael Watford’s “Holdin On” for my favorite example).

This is another one I wasn’t familiar with until I dug it up at Joe’s when clearing out the dollar bins to make room for more stuff. Nice uplifting and punchy vocal dub. Plus I’m always a sucker for some FM MIDI flute action!

R-Tyme – Use Me (MK Mix)

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I haven’t been posting vinyl rips for a minute becuase my phono preamp started failing a few months ago and I just got it fixed by the great guys at

Back to the records, I’ve still been getting deeper and deeper into the MK discography and was real pumped when this one popped up in a collection I was pricing and putting out at I started working there a few weeks ago and have been organizing the dance section and pricing tons of new stuff, so go check it out if you get a chance!

This track is another one of my 90s favorites: great drive, classic MK vocal treatments and just the right amount of the 90s sound…

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