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This has been a project of mine for quite some time. After many hiccups, delays, procrastinating, etc., I am pleased that I have finally got this thing launched (and will continue to improve it in the coming weeks).

The site will serve several purposes:

1) Give me a portal for me to share music I am feeling, a soapbox for me to shoot off my mouth
2) To keep folks updated on all my parties (such as Hometown Heroes and Disco City), as well as any other D.C. or out of town bookings
3) To host new mixes, edits, productions and party photos that I am involved with (under MEDIA section)
4) Allow people to get in touch with me directly and put me in check on the comments sections when I say something whack.

I hope you will enjoy coming back to the site as much as I will to keep updating it.

Also big thanks to website designer Alex Pines for helping we get all this shit together. I highly recommend him if you need any work done!

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