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A few of you are aware of the hard work that Pablo Maurer, Nick Schwellenbach and Lucas Anderson have been putting into their film vision of the future: MOPEDLORDS.  Here is the official press release:

In the year 2015, D.C. has eroded away into a post-nuclear territory ruled by warring moped gangs. Chase Cruz, a loner and brutal vigilante, is new in town and has chosen to stay on the outside as each gang lord struggles for power, sex, and drugs. Seduced and beaten down by the Mount Pleasant Marauders, Chase befriends former Mopedlord, Conrad Lockerbie, and together they ride out on a cross-country search for any remaining nuclear weapons. They will destroy what remains of the wasteland— unless moped thug Antonio Velour and femme fatal Madame Marauder can catch up with them. In the vein of Mad Max and Blade Runner, Mopedlords is a gritty and provocative six-part web series.

Getting to the good stuff: I play a pivotal character in the first two episodes named Rex Gold, a two-bit hustler and pimp who supplies Lockerbie some top secret goods. Many of you will recognize the appropriate PARTY HOUSE set and many of the characters involved with this project.  The first three episodes should be ready in a few weeks and I am sure a killer viewing party will be held.

Here are a few exclusive stills from my scenes:





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